ttc alerts blizzard storm

TTC thrown into absolute chaos as blizzard blankets Toronto roads with snow

Blizzard conditions caused havoc on Toronto roads Monday morning, an intense blanket of snow making commutes borderline impossible for all but the most capable of vehicles.

Unfortunately for those who rely on public transit, the TTC is not immune from these treacherous conditions, and its surface fleet of buses and streetcars have been struggling to contend with the overwhelming snowfall.

The TTC warned passengers Monday morning that "All bus and streetcar routes are affected by snow covered roadways," and "customers will experience longer than normal wait and travel times."

Oh, boy, was that ever an understatement.

Problems with surface transit are being felt across the city. A lineup of stalled streetcars was spotted on King Street West, the 504 route being one of the TTC's busiest streetcar lines. Other outages were reported on the 506, 509, and 512 routes.

Issues weren't limited to streetcars and stalled, out of service buses were a regular sight all across Toronto on Monday morning. Perhaps one of the most dramatic situations occurred at Queen and Dufferin, where almost a dozen buses were stranded in the snow.

Buses unable to overcome the snowy roads found themselves obstructing traffic and adding on further delays for commuters on routes and connecting routes.

Even more buses were forced out of service in the north end of the city, including a few spotted immobilized along Don Mills.

A 75 Sherbourne route bus not only got itself stuck, but managed to slam into a sign, ironically reading "buses excepted."

Even higher-capacity lines suffered, including multiple outages on the Line 1 subway and a train on the line 3 Scarborough RT spotted stuck in the snow on its elevated tracks.

The snowfall may have reached its peak around 11 a.m., but continued snow into the evening hours could make for another messy commute when rush hour arrives.

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