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Toronto falls in love with viral video of a very exhausted kid shovelling snow

Toronto endured miserable commutes, buried infrastructure and so many other headaches as a result of Monday morning's blizzard, but one adorable yet visibly tired kid with a shovel perfectly sums up reactions to the frozen chaos that descended on the city this week.

A CTV News interview with nine-year-old Carter Trozzolo has been going viral since Monday evening, the child winning over audiences with his very evident exhaustion after shovelling the sidewalks and driveways of his and surrounding neighbourhood homes.

Trozzolo may have woken up to a snow day like all his fellow grade 3 students, but that didn't mean he would be spending it on the couch. At no point did he make any efforts to hide his exhaustion and lack of enthusiasm at the task of digging out the neighbourhood, and Twitter has fallen in love with his deadpan delivery and frequent sighs.

It's a brief clip, but Trozzolo gets in three theatrical sighs and tells the CTV reporter how he's "tired," "exhausted," and how he'd rather be in school at every opportunity.

Among other adorable factors, it's his very relatable grown-up expressions and mannerisms that have won the internet over.

It's also the way he is introduced to viewers, simply as "Carter Trozzolo: Exhausted." This proved to be a genius move, with many planning to adopt the title as their own.

A few commenters compare him to the character Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

And the shovelling boy wonder isn't just capturing hearts in Toronto. The adorable clip has been picked up by CTV national news broadcasts, bringing Trozzolo to the attention of the whole country.

Trozzolo tells blogTO that he feels surprised at how the clip has gone viral, saying, "I've never seen so many people watch me."

While he may have seemed comically unenthusiastic in the clip, Trozzolo says he set out with a purpose on Monday.

"It's important to shovel, though, so people have a clear path to walk," he says. "I just want people to be safe," he adds, noting how he broke his wrist using playground equipment a few years earlier.

Now that he's gone viral, Trozzolo has a new goal; "If you're asking, I really want Justin Bieber to see this video."

Let's hope Biebs gets his message.

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