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People in Ontario denounce 'Karen Konvoy' and call for support of frontline workers

The massive trucker convoy making its way across Canada to protest vaccine mandates on Parliament Hill is all anyone in the country seems to be talking about this week, exemplifying the stark chasm between residents who oppose the government's pandemic measures and those who believe they are necessary.

While the self-proclaimed "Freedom Truckers" movement has garnered a ton of support and may be the longest in world history, there are also many coming out to condemn what has been nicknamed the "FluTruxKlan" and now the "Karen Konvoy" — both tags that are now trending on Twitter.

While the former moniker references the white supremacist figures who are known to be taking part in the protest, the latter utilizes the popular "Karen" term to indicate anyone that is overly entitled, demanding and exhibits over-dramatic behaviour outside the social norm, often in the form of a public freakout.

Many are also using #KarenKonvoy to ask that instead of cheering on the truckers, people instead celebrate the frontline workers who have been tirelessly bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 for two years, and face the greatest risk of contracting the virus every day.

Just like the clapping and banging pots and pans movements that took place earlier in the health crisis to honour healthcare workers, residents are now saying that to counter the demonstrations taking place on the nation's highways, we should all stay the hell home and make noise there to show support for frontline workers and public health officials (also, obviously, to avoid further spreading the virus).

Others are saying that they would much sooner stand on a highway overpass cheering on doctors, nurses and grocery store employees and others than the truckers, as "they're still working and never stopped."

Meanwhile, the convoy may actually prevent them from being able to work, given the traffic problems it has been causing.

Along with being livid at the supporters of the convoy, some are also angry with the maintstream media for consistently spotlighting it rather than the issues frontline workers are facing right now.

Unfortunately, it is what people seem to be interested in, divisive as the issue is and considerable as the convoy and the crowds it's drawing have become.

While parts of the convoy have already arrived in Ottawa, the main demonstrations are set to take place on Parliament Hill Saturday afternoon.

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Briana-Lynn Brieiro

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