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Manure wagon crash floods Ontario highway with literal crap and people have jokes

A truck filled with animal feces and a cow print-painted tractor run into each other on a highway...

Write your own punchline. You'd be far from the first to do so following a crash of this very nature in Ontario's Lambton County earlier this week.

Ontario Provincial Police reported on Tuesday afternoon that they had arrived to the scene of "a collision involving a tractor and manure wagon" on Lakeshore Road between Oil Heritage Road and Townsend Line, just of the shores of Lake Huron northeast of Sarnia, Ontario.

manure ontario

Approximate location where a manure truck rolled over in Ontario on Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. Image via Google Maps.

A photo shared from the scene paints a messy picture, complete with literal skid marks from vehicles that had driven through the scattered bounty of smelly fertilizer.

It took about two-and-a-half hours to clean up the mess, during which time Twitter users had a field day making jokes about the "shit show" and holding it up as a metaphor for the state of our fine province right now.

"This road now knows how healthcare workers, teachers and parents feel...dumped on," joked one. "'Ontario, yours to manure' will be appearing on new invisible license plates."

Along with plenty of requisite "that's sh*tty"and "the roads are sh*t" comments, the tweet inspired a surprising (or not) amount of political commentary.

"Is that the clean up from the presser at Queen's Park yesterday?" wrote one person in response to the OPP West Region's original tweet. "Looks like a big pile of Ford and Lecce right there! #VoteThemAllOut2022 #VoteFordOut2022 #FireLecce #FordLiedPeopleDied."

"Was beginning to think that overriding turd smell was this mess of a province, but nope, just poop on the road," joked another.

One person suggested that the incident felt like "an appropriate start to 2022," the fifth day of which the entire province reverted back to Step 2 of Ford's Roadmap to Reopening amid rising cases of COVID-19.

Kids are now back to online learning exclusively, gyms are closed all but completely, restaurants can no longer accept patrons for indoor dining and retail stores are capped at half capacity for at least 21 days, effective as of Jan. 5.

Meanwhile, the Omicron variant threatens to further overwhelm hospitals and few people are even able to access PCR testing anymore. Widespread labour shortages are impacting essential services as workers are taken out of commission by the highly-contagious viral variant and Betty White is no longer with the world.

Needless to say, 2022 is off to a relatively rough start for the people of Ontario. Some might (and will) even call it a sh*t-show.

Hopefully, this one can be cleaned up as easily as Lakeshore Road was following the region's latest manure wagon rollover.

"Thank you for your patience (and entertaining comments)!" wrote OPP on Twitter when announcing the spill's removal on Tuesday. "The roadway has been reopened."

Next up, everything else?

Lead photo by

OPP West Region

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