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Terrifying destruction captured as truck full of gasoline crashes through Toronto house

Imagine you're just going about your nighttime routine or have maybe already nodded off on a weekday evening, only to be jolted alert by a truck tearing through the front facade of your home.

That's precisely the terror one North York resident experienced on Monday night around 11:25 p.m., when a truck crashed into a semi-detached home on O'Connor Drive north of Avenue, leaving a scene that looked ripped from a disaster movie.

Making matters worse, this wasn't just any truck but a tanker laden with flammable gasoline, creating the potential for an inferno that would have exponentially increased damage.

One person who was home at the time of the crash luckily walked away unharmed, though the driver had to be extricated from the truck with minor injuries.

The house, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky, photos revealing that the structure sustained heavy damage after the truck careened through the wall.

A witness to the event located across the street from the scene shared an account on Twitter, saying their roommate saw the truck speeding towards the house with no apparent effort to brake. The accident shorted circuits in the witness' home, though luckily, no fires broke out to set off the tanker's dangerous cargo.

Neighbours forced to evacuate are asking emergency crews for answers as of Tuesday morning, still awaiting the all-clear to return to their homes.

Removing the fuel from the crashed truck is a necessary precaution, and another truck was on scene Tuesday morning to pump out the hazardous payload from the tanker's trailer.

The incident is raising questions about why such a heavy vehicle laden with flammable fuel was able to transit through a stretch of O'Connor deemed a "Seniors Safety Zone."

While these designated stretches of roadway include safety features like increased street crossing times and enhanced pavement markings to cut down on danger to pedestrians, they don't take any steps to limit such vehicles. The posted speed limit in the area is 50 km/h.

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