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TTC customers are getting angry about a lack of mask enforcement on public transit

Case counts are soaring and positivity rates are in the double-digits, but somehow, there's still an alarming number of transit riders and even drivers out there who feel they aren't subject to the TTC's mask policy — and their fellow riders are understandably concerned about these unmasked menaces.

Complaints have been pouring in on Twitter at a rate that seems to correlate with the rise of the Omicron variant, as a growing number of transit passengers speak out about having their already risky commutes made even more dangerous by inconsiderate rule-breakers.

If unmasked riders weren't bad enough, one concerned passenger shared a brief anecdote about a particularly disgusting experience on a TTC streetcar.

Others are apparently removing their mask to sneak a quick bite or sip on their coffee mid-commute, something that should really wait until the TTC phase of your day is behind you.

In one hilarious account, a maskless woman started eating meatballs on a subway train, only to get angry when another unmasked passenger sneezed. It feels like the blame should probably be shared here.

Even as the city and province re-introduce harsh public health restrictions, the TTC has admitted either an inability or an unwillingness to enforce their own mask policy, citing some passengers' medical exemptions as a complicating factor.

Still, they had no explanation as to why a driver offered a friendly holiday greeting to an unmasked passenger boarding their bus.

When you have three passengers not complying to mask rules on a single bus and case counts approaching 10K per day in Ontario alone, it's easy to understand why people are getting scared.

All of these reports seem to reflect rising fears among transit users that not enough is being done to protect them.

The TTC claims that it is taking extra measures "to ensure the safety of everyone that uses our transit system in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask is mandatory on the TTC, and all employees must wear a mask while on the transit system."

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