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Toronto driver arrested after attempting sweet rail grind on a concrete barrier

A Toronto driver is facing criminal charges after mounting a concrete barrier in what looks like a supersized attempt to pull off a skateboarding move gone terribly wrong.

On Thursday evening, a black four-door sedan travelling eastbound on Adelaide Street East between Church and Jarvis careened into a concrete barrier dividing vehicle traffic from a cycling path, almost perfectly mounting the divider.

And when you look at the surrounding context, it's actually a pretty impressive feat. The driver had to avoid another raised barrier with a hard-to-miss reflective warning sign and then swerve right at the last minute to pull off this sweet rail grind.

You have to give credit where credit is due.

But unlike a well-waxed skateboard deck, the car's metal undercarriage didn't glide too well across the barrier's concrete surface, coming to a quick halt after leaving the road.

No eye-witnesses have come forward, but we can only hope that the 2001 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 soundtrack was blasting from the car stereo at the time of the incident.

A representative of Toronto Police Traffic Services tells blogTO that "officers arrived on scene, and after conducting tests the driver was arrested for impaired operation. She was taken to the nearest breath tech, and as a result was charged."

Photos revealing the make of the car have been generating discussion, commenters always quick to associate BMW drivers with hilarious road incidents.

Though police allege the driver to be at fault for this incident, the barriers are also facing criticism for making roads less accessible to pedestrians and unintentionally encouraging faster driving.

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Ev Delen

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