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Toronto police catch man who sprayed unknown substance into public dog bowl

A man spotted on security camera spraying an unknown substance into a water bowl that a Toronto business had placed outside their door for dogs in the neighbourhood to drink from has finally been apprehended by police.

Animal lovers and residents of the city in general have been circulating the story on social media since the footage was released earlier this week, appalled that someone would do such a thing and concerned for the safety of T.O.'s pooches.

The incident, in which a man passing by in a hooded coat takes out a container and sprays an unidentified liquid into the bowl, took place midday Saturday in front of Spiritleaf Cannabis Riverside just east of Queen and Broadview.

The Toronto Police Service announced Thursday morning that they had arrested one Johnny Forte, 41, in the suspicious incident, with a charge of mischief to property.

Authorities had previously warned the public to be wary of letting their pets drink water found in public spaces after the manager of the shop reported the concerning event.

Thankfully for local doggos, a man walking past the storefront witnessed the whole thing and immediately alerted both a woman walking past with her own pup, as well as Spiritleaf staff, who removed and emptied the bowl immediately.

And now with the culprit charged, hopefully pet owners can breathe a little easier and feel safer taking advantage of the offerings some pet-friendly stores graciously put out for their neighbourhood's furry friends.

Forte appeared in virtual court this morning after his arrest yesterday, but it is unclear if the cops actually analyzed the contents of the bowl to determine what the fluid was.

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