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Someone is creating action figures of people who work for the Ontario government

It's 44 days until Christmas but those looking to get a jump on shopping may want to check out some new action figures.

Actually, they are dubbed 'inaction figures' and they aren't for sale or even real.

Toronto teacher, Jenny L., has been commenting on the  Ontario election, which will be held on June 2, 2022.

Politicians are fair game for criticism and Jenny, despite a Twitter description stating "I believe in kindness" has been anything but kind to the Ford government.

And as a teacher, who can blame her. She roasts Premier Doug Ford for his lack of action on a back-to-school plan this fall to his plans to sell off and destroy for Ontario Place.

Education minister Stephen Lecce doesn't fare much better.

Joining those who think Lecce is totally incompetent, Jenny L. created a series of inaction figures satirizing Lecce job in office.

The figures "pivot" and "bend" much like Lecce did on the back school plan back in April. He promised parents that schools would remain open for in-person learning but then back paddled on April 19.

The Lecce inaction figure is also "laser" focused on those Nonnas and has a propensity for selfies.

This isn't the first Lecce action figure — back in 2019, Chris Cowley created the Stephen Lecce Doll that came with "talking points" and a "selfie camera" but then we could probably say that about most politicians.

Jenny doesn't have a Ford inaction figure and creating one would be a task — there is so much material to choose from — thoughts on racism, building highways during a climate crisis or ice cream.

There are, however, several Doug Ford action figures already been conceived, many times and you can even buy one – for your dog.

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Jenny L.

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