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People are tired of commuters putting their feet on seats on the TTC

When someone asks you to kick your feet up and relax, they usually aren't referring to doing so in a public setting at the inconvenience of others.

Despite that, there has been a worrying trend across the TTC where many riders are putting up their feet (grossly, often with their shoes removed) on seats, taking up unnecessary space and making many others uncomfortable.

Plenty of people have taken notice of this trend, and taken online to voice their complaints about the inconsiderate few who are making an already stressful commute even worse.

Unsurprisingly, a non-insignificant amount of the people doing this seem to be also annoying other riders in a number of other ways, often not wearing masks and generally showing a lack of empathy or compassion for those in public with them.

A representative from the TTC explained to blogTO that riders putting their feet on seats is something that is strongly discouraged but there's not much they really do to enforce compliance.

"Our policy on those kind of courtesy issues is we encourage our customers to mindful of a public space and be respectful of other customers," a TTC representative told blogTO.

After over a year in lockdown, it seems some people forgot how to act in public, and many are hoping to send a few helpful reminders that a certain amount of respect is owed to others in public spaces.

It's been a few years since someone released a public transit etiquette guide and the TTC hired Seth Rogen to remind people how to act. Perhaps it's about time they brought him back. 

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