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Some creepy dude in Toronto keeps trying to lure teenagers into his SUV

The Toronto Police Service is asking members of the public to keep their eyes peeled for a light-coloured SUV that seems magnetically drawn toward teenaged girls.

In a public safety alert issued Monday night, police warn that a "suspicious vehicle" has been spotted multiple times over the past two months in the area of Birchmount Road and Danforth Road.

The weirdness started in September of 2021, according to police, when a man driving an SUV was first spotted "approaching teenage girls" and trying to lure them into his vehicle.

"The driver engages the girls in conversation and attempts to get them to enter his car," reads the warning. "This has occurred on multiple occasions in the last two months."

The vehicle, a photo of which was released by police on Monday, is described as "an older model, light coloured SUV." The vehicle's driver is described as "male, black, in his 40 to 50s, with an accent."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-4100, or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

While disturbing, this suspect isn't the first driver to engage in such behaviour locally — In August of 2020, police issued a similar warning about a man in a car stopping female pedestrians for directions around the Trinity Bellwoods area, only to commit "indecent acts" in front of them.

Women were once again put on high alert this past July as warnings circulated about a group of men in Toronto's west end trying to abduct local women into a van.

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