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The TTC is 100 years old today and Toronto has a lot to say about it

One hundred years ago today, the Toronto Transportation Commission (TTC) was born.

The centennial anniversary of the TTC assuming responsibility for municipal transit services in the city is being celebrated in many ways, while others are sharing their memories — both good and bad — that form the essence of what it means to be a transit rider in Toronto.

There is much in the way of traditional celebration happening today, including 100th-anniversary commemorative paper transfers being doled out on every TTC bus, banners hung in prominent locations around the city, the CN Tower and Toronto sign being lit in red, and a showing of heritage streetcars at the Roncesvalles Carhouse.

Others are taking to Twitter to celebrate riding the rails and buses in the TTC's classic red livery. blogTO asked the masses to share their most memorable TTC moments, and the responses were, as you'd expect, a mixed bag.

Some weren't interested in playing nice on account of the TTC’s birthday,

Memories of frustrating delay-ridden commutes were a recurring theme.

Some memories took a much sweeter tone, with one showing appreciation for the TTC's treatment of a former employee and loved one after their passing.

The 2017 opening of a new subway extension proved a memorable event for some, the most recent expansion to the city's rapid transit network.

Another recent experience mentions just one of the many TTC drivers who have developed reputations for their banter, giving people something to smile or laugh about during their commute.

The colourful G Series subway trains that operated from the Yonge line's 1954 opening up until 1990 are remembered fondly by passengers, despite their many shortcomings compared to modern trains.

Riding the TTC can be an eye-opening window into the quirks and characters of big city life for those new to the city.

New memories are being made even today, with one person showing delight at seeing vintage streetcars operating to commemorate the occasion.

The TTC certainly has a lot of ground to cover over the next century to meet demand and customers' expectations, but for now, let's enjoy their special day.

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