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Toronto can't get enough of watching the salmon run in the Humber River

Salmon spawning season is officially upon us, and that means people in Toronto are finally engaging in their favourite fall activity: watching (and filming) the salmon run. 

From September to November, the Chinook and Coho salmon begin their migration from Lake Ontario through Toronto's rivers to the spawning grounds, and enthusiastic spectators head out to witness the incredible natural phenomenon every year.

The salmon, which are extremely large and can weigh up to 50 pounds, embark on this final journey every fall and sadly die immediately after spawning, but their offspring then return the following year to do it all over again.

Étienne Brûlé Park is widely thought of as the optimal place from which to watch the salmon jump through the Humber River, and nature-loving observers head out to this spot every year to capture photos and videos of the event.

Twitter and Instagram are now filling up with such footage, just as expected, and the photos and videos do not disappoint. 

Pictures on social media show just how popular the spectator sport has become in Toronto, as crowds of people can be seen gathering to watch. 

Observers are also known to cheer on the fish as they attempt to make their jumps, which is welcome encouragement considering it sometimes takes them a few tries.  

Some photos and videos meanwhile make it look like the salmon are legitimately flying through the air.

The annual salmon run is truly proof of how incredible the natural world can be, so it's no wonder the activity has become such a favourite among Toronto residents. 

If you're hoping to catch the salmon run in action, you can always avoid the crowds at Humber River by watching the run in The Don River from the Lower Don Trail, The Rouge River from Glen Rouge Campground, The Credit River from Erindale Park or another more remote spot.

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