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Toronto is tired of horses defecating in parks and bike lanes

As if Toronto Police weren't already doing plenty to annoy residents of Canada's largest city, more complaints are coming out now about horse cops defecating and stinking up the city.

After a blistering hot August, the odours often got rancid as horses would relieve themselves along city streets with the mess often going uncleaned for hours or even days at a time.

Previously, Toronto Police had explained to blogTO why the city even has horse cops seeing as how we are not a wild west county in need of a sheriff. 

It was also explained that horse manure is not dangerous to humans as horses have a vegetarian diet so their poop is more similar to grass clippings than anything else.

Regardless of the health impact the aesthetic and smell of it all has left a foul taste in many mouths. Some residents even pointed out finding horse droppings in public parks nearby where children are playing.

"I know this can’t be avoided to a certain extent, but it is strange that they would not clean up after them especially when they are in a public park," said frustrated resident Mathew Winter to blogTO.

A photo taken by Winter near Kew Gardens Tennis Club shows horse manure left on the grass after police responsible made no attempt to clean up the mess or alert others before leaving the area.

Even outside of parks, the defecation in bike lanes and the side of the street has made it hard for pedestrians, cyclists and even motorists to maneuver through the city without tracking through an unwanted surprise.

With calls for many changes to the way TPS operates, it's unlikely cleaning up after their horses is high up on the list, but the change would be welcome if Toronto ever truly hopes to brag about being a beautiful and clean city to visit.

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Mathew Winter

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