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The terrifying man Bloor St. was named after is adding a new twist to Toronto's history

Namesake of Bloor Street and the only local historical figure we all see in our collective nightmares, Joseph Bloor has become Toronto's unofficial Halloween mascot of sorts thanks to his infamously sneering portrait.

Now, the terrifying white-eyed menace's likeness is back in Twitter form, and he's teaching us all a thing or two about the city's spooky history in the process.

Complete with the iconic profile picture that makes Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters look like a children's cartoon character, the "Joseph Bloor, Esq., Toronto, C.W." account is dropping obscure facts about Toronto history.

These include some very on-brand topics fitting the horror-inducing 1850 portrait Bloor is best known for, generations after leaving his mark on the city.

This Twitter account is supposedly managed by a literal ghost, though a spirit with a taste for Toronto history.

A ghost who was apparently present for some formative events in Toronto music history.

He advocates for greater ghost awareness in his quick tweet-sized history lessons when not busy haunting buildings and transit lines.

Bloor's apparently WiFi-connected spectre still has the sense of humour to make light of his own rattling appearance.

And though he has been seemingly resurrected on Twitter, Bloor doesn't forget his home of almost 160 years in Cabbagetown's Necropolis Cemetery.

Of course, there's much more to this account than ghost-related posts, but with Bloor's menacing picture attached to every tweet, everything has that attached element of fear.

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Toronto Public Library

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