severe thunderstorm warning

Thunderstorm rolls across Toronto leaving fallen trees and power outages in its wake

It didn't take long after a special weather alert for a dangerous storm in Toronto was issued for dark clouds to roll and skies to open up.

Environment Canada issued a storm watch but that was quickly upgraded to a warning at 3:43 p.m. They predicted heavy rainfall, potentially exceeding 50 mm in total, and wind speeds of up to 90 km/h.

Not long after the sky started to darken and thundered rolled.

High winds rustled trees and blew signs across southern Ontario.

After days of heat warnings in Toronto, some were surprised to see icy hail fall.

It looked almost like a snowstorm.

The icy pellets battered patio furniture.

But in other parts of the city, it looked like buckets of rain were coming down.

Trees and electrical wires were knocked down.

Power went out.

Facades were ripped off of buildings.

And roads were flooded in some places.

While many took cover, storm watchers enjoyed the show.

And then, not long after it rolled across the province, beautiful rainbows appeared.

The severe storms were quick but may not be completely done yet, Environment Canada is forecasting more wet weather tonight and for the weekend.

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