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People in Toronto disheartened to learn of Yorkdale shooting through cringey TikToks

Just over two weeks after gunfire rang out midday at Toronto's Sherway Gardens, a local shopping centre has been the site of yet another shooting, this time on a bustling weekend.

Yorkdale has been, by many accounts, the city's busiest mall since non-essential retail reopened earlier this summer, and was just as packed as ever on Sunday afternoon when shots were fired shortly before 4 p.m.

Police quickly responded, conducted a sweep of the property and were eventually able to chase down and arrest a suspect — but not before the building erupted into chaos and was completely locked down.

After a frenzied scene of people stampeding out of the mall, shoppers left sequestered inside stores for hours took to social media to dispatch updates on the situation.

But, residents have been somewhat nauseated by the general tone of the response from those on site.

As some recounted being terrified for their lives, others were busy filming TikTok dances while killing time.

Still other videos shared to socials showed bystanders completely lacking any semblance of earnestness about the violent situation at hand, with some even showing excitement at the hubbub, laughing or finding ways to turn it into a joke.

People are generally feeling somewhat unsettled about having to find out about the incident via footage shared by young people to the platform...

... and are also very dismayed by some of the reactions — though everyone, of course, deals with traumatic circumstances differently.

The dancing in particular definitely has people fired up and wondering about the state of today's youth, as well as of violence in the city and how it appears to have become commonplace enough to elicit apathy and little else.

Thankfully, authorities did not report any injuries or deaths, and were able to escort everyone out safely over the course of a few hours.

Still, those who were present (and taking the situation seriously) are still quite shaken up, especially those who have to continue to work at the popular attraction.

One male suspect remains under arrest, while another is still being sought as police continue their investigation.

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@tsegeab_416 and @farbodkh62 via @6ixbuzztv

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