donkey stolen

Another baby animal was just stolen from a farm near Toronto

Just a few months after a baby goat was taken from Riverdale Farm in Toronto, another local farm is frantically searching for its now-missing newborn donkey, meaning that there may very well be a serial farm animal thief on the loose.

The Ficher family, which owns a farm near Trafalger Road North in the Halton Hills/Missisauga area, believes that its new addition Sébastian, a donkey born only 2.5 weeks ago, was stolen, potentially to sell for cash.

Seeing as the foal was still breastfeeding when he went missing on Thursday, the Fichers are extremely concerned about his well-being — as well as his mother's.

donkey stolen

Sébastian and his family days before he was pilfered. 

"The mom is so sad. Anytime a pickup truck drives by her she freaks out, so we think whoever did it had a pickup truck," Ana Paula Ficher tells blogTO.

"We are hoping to spread this story everywhere because we know if this goes viral there's a chance that someone will bring Sébastian back."

The family is offering a generous $5,000 reward to whoever ensures the babe's safe return so he can be reunited with his mourning mom, who is notably despondent and continues to search for him.

"He brought so much love and happiness to so many but especially his mommy," Ficher wrote in a Facebook appeal for help finding Sébastian.

"We are all heartbroken and seeing the empty sad look on his mommy's face today just absolutely broke my heart into tiny pieces... Nothing would make me happier than to see that mom light up with joy again."

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Ana Paula Ficher

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