Alex Wilson Community Garden

This hidden parkette in Toronto is an oasis amidst the concrete jungle

Toronto often gets called a concrete jungle, and with new condos and construction projects popping up every week it's hard to blame anyone for using that nickname.

However those who know where to look can find some stunning hidden gems of nature scattered throughout the city.

The Alex Wilson Community Garden is one of these best kept secrets that only Toronto's most dedicated nature lovers know about.

Located just south of Toronto's famous Graffiti Alley, the Garden was first brought to life in 1998 and since then has been a staple for locals looking to escape the chaos of city life for just a moment and enjoy some serenity around dozens of native plants.

"For over 20 years, the Alex Wilson Community Garden has been a treasured spot in the heart of the Queen and Bathurst neighbourhood.  It's been a treasured little oasis amidst the bustle of downtown," Spadina-Fort York Councillor Joe Cressy told blogTO.

"A space brought to life and maintained by a remarkable group of volunteers. With food, flowers, and green space, it has nourished our community, and brought great joy to residents and visitors alike."

The garden is home to a number of native plants, wildlife, quiet green space, and 40 food-growing allotments where organic fruits and vegetables can be raised.

At a mere 214 square metres, Alex Wilson Community Garden is Toronto's smallest parkette. While it may not have the size and status of New York City's Central Park, the park serves much of the same function.

It's a perfect spot to take a breather, sit under a tree and enjoy a hidden little oasis in the middle of the massive city.

The Alex Wilson Community Garden is located at 556 Richmond St. West near Bathurst.

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