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Police are now ticketing cyclists for going too fast in a Toronto park

As if Toronto police weren't infuriating enough people due to their actions in parks, they have reportedly now begun ticketing cyclists for speeding through High Park.

According to a number of people who have received such tickets, or witnessed others receive them, local police in High Park are stopping cyclists travelling over 20km/hour and issuing speeding tickets.

This comes the same week police used pepper spray and excessive force against protesters fighting against encampment evictions. Needless to say, handing out speeding tickets to cyclists isn't likely to win anyone back to their cause.

When reached for comment, Brett Moore of TPS's Traffic Services stated that this is not something being done by traffic services, and it's likely the local police division that's involved.

However, 11 Division, whose jurisdiction includes High Park did not respond to any requests for comment.

Many people have rightfully begun asking why Toronto Police are spending resources fighting against cyclists and the homeless, when there are much larger issues that need to be adressed.

Whether these actions cause a downtick in cycling accidents, or merely an uprise in more calls to defund the police waits to be seen. All that's known now is that despite the installation of new bike lanes around the city, being a cyclist in Toronto just got even harder.

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Nikos Rentas

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