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People upset after Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto replaces cashiers with self-checkouts

A Shoppers Drug Mart location at Six Points Plaza in Etobicoke has drawn some online attention after a number of customers raised concern over the location replacing all its cashiers with self-checkouts.

While the location still has a customer service desk, and a number of employees on hand to assist customers, self-checkouts appear to have become the predominant way for customers to purchase their products.

Customers at Shoppers Drug Mart have been very outspoken about their displeasure toward the self-checkout systems in the past, and seeing that there are limited other options available is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

While many people appreciate the speed that a self-checkout can offer if properly used, the majority of people still seem to resent the idea of having to do the work of a cashier while out shopping. 

There's also the concern that technology solutions like self-checkout systems are replacing paying jobs.

As Shoppers is owned by Loblaw, this movement into increased self-checkout shouldn't come as a surprise as many Loblaw stores also have more self-checkout lanes than ones operated by cashiers.

"We've introduced self-checkout in most Shoppers Drug Mart locations over the past few years. We increased our investment in the machines and their technology to give our customers a better experience and recently more space while using our self-checkout option," Loblaw Public Relations told blogTO. 

"That said, Cashiers continue to play an important role as they support our customers in the store as well as at both staffed and self-checkout locations, and we have no plans to implement a self-checkout only style model in our stores."

Whether the lack of cashiers at this one Shoppers location is the result of a short-term test or the future of shopping remains to be seen, but either way it seems that self-checkouts will continue to become more common whether customers like it or not.

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