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People in Toronto think Dundas Street should be renamed after former mayor Rob Ford

Now that the City of Toronto is officially moving forward with the $6-ish million task of renaming Dundas Street and all related assets that bear the moniker of Henry Dundas, the 18th-century Scottish politician with ties to slavery, people are coming up with all sorts of suggestions for what to call the thoroughfare instead.

Many argue that the name of a notable BIPOC woman from history would be particularly fitting, while others feel a simple swap to "Dondas" would make the most sense.

One of the more recent alternatives put forth that is getting a bit of traction with the masses is notably less appealing than either of the above, though surely more reasonable than naming the roadway after a random racist historical figure with no relevance to Toronto: naming it for former mayor Rob Ford.

Yes, a new petition is circulating that advocates for Rob Ford Street, Rob Ford Station and Rob Ford Square — not really roll-off-the-tongue material — in honour of the late politician who many would say was not exactly the best representation of Toronto.

"Mayor John Tory and Toronto City Council went woke and voted in favour of renaming Dundas Street, along with other public amenities using the same name because Dundas St. is 'racist,'" the Change.org appeal reads — somewhat predictably, perhaps, for someone who believes yet another problematic, powerful white man would be a suitable namesake.

"Let's get Dundas Street renamed to honour the greatest Mayor in our city's history! Mayor Rob Ford!"

Though it's quite unclear whether the idea is in earnest or a complete joke, it has garnered nearly 1,000 signatures thus far, albeit over the course of a whole two weeks.

Other related proposals floating around the internet right now include "Rob Ford Sucks Street" and "The Ford Family Equals Poo Poo Street." 

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