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People can't believe how red the sun and moon are in Toronto

Canadian wildfires have caused the sun to turn a bright red hue over Toronto throughout the past couple of days, and the rare weather phenomenon continued this morning as a glowing and tinted sun rose above the city. 

People in Toronto were awed by the appearance of the blood-coloured sun on Sunday and Monday, which was the result of haze and smoke travelling through the atmosphere, and the orange-coloured moon that followed was also a sight to behold.

Residents quickly took to social media to share photos of both the sun and the moon yesterday, and the city's early risers also awoke to capture the still-red sunrise this morning. 

Many have remarked how beautiful the sun looks in its coloured state, though some have also acknowledged the sad reality that it's not simply a stunning rarity but instead a direct result of the impacts of climate change.

Indeed, according to The Weather Network, the ongoing phenomenon is thanks to the more than 100 wildfires that are currently raging in Northwestern Ontario.

"Smoke from the active forest fires in northwestern Ontario has moved into southern Ontario," says TWN. "Elevated particulate matter levels and hazy conditions have been experienced throughout the region."

Environment Canada has issued special air quality statements throughout Southern Ontario today as a result, warning of "possible high levels of air pollution due to smoke from ongoing forest fires."

There's no telling how long the wildfires will last nor how long our sky will look like something out of a comic book, but Toronto residents will surely keep sharing photos of the otherworldly weather event as long as it does.

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