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Random man tries to kick woman out of Toronto mall for not wearing a mask

Random people all over the world have had their 15 seconds of internet fame since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit for refusing to wear a mask and then freaking out on someone who asks them to. 

These temporary villains often appear in one of two types of video: The kind where someone captures them on camera berating retail workers after being asked to don a face covering in compliance with government orders, and the kind where an anti-masker proudly films themself flouting said orders.

From the guy who attacked a convenience store owner after being asked to cover his face to the woman who deliberately picked a fight with grocery store staff for the 'gram and all of the racist, anti-mask public freakouts in between, Toronto has seen its fair share of these incidents.

Most of them aren't filmed, according to anyone who works at a local mall or fast food outlet and sees this kind of conflict daily. But, when we do see these fights on screen, it's usually the person who refuses to wear a mask that serves as the aggressor.

A clip that's been spreading like wildfire on Twitter over the past 24 hours flips that script on its head: in it, a man wearing a mask is the one who makes a scene as he screams at a woman who isn't wearing one (due to a medical exemption, she claims).

Filmed at Centerpoint Mall in North York, the video in question was uploaded to Twitter by a user who goes by Vero P. late Sunday morning. It has since been viewed more than 175,000 times.

While it is not clear when, exactly, the incident took place, the closure of specific stores inside the mall suggests that it was filmed recently, during Step 1 of Ontario's latest reopening, during which malls have only partially reopened for non-essential stores with their own exterior entrances.

The video starts with a man yelling across the hall between Shoppers Drug Mart and Best Buy Mobile at Centerpoint saying "you're not allowed... There's children here, everything. You're not special."

"I just come to the mall, I don't need a person like you being beside me without a mask," he says as he walks toward the woman filming him.

The woman advises the man that he "might want to talk to security," but instead of speaking to a nearby guard, the man gets right up in the woman's face with his phone.

"This lady here is in the mall without a mask!" he says while filming. "Yup, got you!"

The woman asks who the man is, at which point he starts saying "You're a threat! You're a threat! Get out of the mall!"

A security guard approaches and says something to the man who is now yelling at full volume, prompting him to say "She isn't wearing a mask! It is my business! Put your mask on! Put your mask on!" 

As she walks backwards, still filming, the man follows the woman, telling whoever he is filming for that "This lady, guys on YouTube, she's causing trouble. She has no mask on."

Another guard comes up and tells the man that the woman is exempt, as some people are provincial orders due to factors such as health condition and age.

"No, she is not exempt. Did you see the paper? She's a liar!" shouts the man, who is promptly asked to leave the mall.

The video ends with both the man and woman being asked to leave. The woman can be heard telling a guard that she will show him her paper exemption form if they will tell her the name of the man who is, in her words, "hunting her."

When reached by phone, a member of the Centerpoint Mall security team could not speak to the incident in particular, but did tell blogTO that these types of arguments happen all of the time.

A marketing representative for Morguard Corporation, which owns the mall, declined to comment any further.

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Vero P.

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