islington station

Here's what the TTC's new bus terminal might look like

Toronto's Islington station is getting a major redesign soon and while there hasn't been an official confirmation of what the vibes of the updated station will be, at least one proposal is looking pretty sleek.

Designed by AECOM, the proposal was submitted to the City of Toronto as part of the new Etobicoke Centre plan that will create some major changes to the city's West end.

There are plans to turn the Bloor and Islington intersection where Islington station is located into a physically and functionally integrated, mixed-use community.

islington station

The rendering shows not only a sleeker, almost futuristic looking design with plenty of glass and large windows, but also far more greenery and plant life along the exterior.

The City of Toronto lists a number of principles to success among their Etobicoke centre plan including a close-knit urban fabric, a pedestrian friendly environment, visual stimulation and unity among diversity.

As a way of meeting those principles, the proposal includes a number of retail spaces that will align the space between the subway platform and the bus station.

While many of Toronto's subway stations have an aesthetic that ranges from concrete brutalism nightmare to among the world's most attractive, it's always anyone's guess what a redesigned station will look like.

While it will still be some time until an official design gets decided upon and approved, seeing what submissions have been sent to the city for consideration give us some idea of what to expect.

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