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Fireworks will be allowed on Canada Day 2021 in Toronto and here are the rules

Canada Day 2021 in Toronto means it's time for fireworks. As things continue to open up while Ontario approaches step two of its reopening plan, a number of outdoor activities from patios to fitness have brought back a sense of normalcy to the city.

Often, the sight of Canada Day fireworks is one of the first signs of summer, and this year that will be no different. After spending much of the past year indoors, getting to step outside for a nighttime display feels like an appropriate way to celebrate the end of a time.

According to the City of Toronto's website, Fireworks may be fired off on Canada day on private property without the need for a permit. It is one of only two days all year (the other being Victoria Day) where this is possible.

Fireworks are banned from parks, beaches, parking lots, the street, or any private property that is not your own.

Doing so could incur a fine of up to $300 for anyone caught stepping off their private property to shoot some explosives into the sky.

The person setting off the fireworks must be over 18-years-old and wearing eye protection. Proper safety precautings also include lighting them at arm's length, and turning your face away before quickly backing up.

It's also important to only buy fireworks from vendors who have a city-issued permit to do so to avoid buying especially harmful, dangerous, or even fake fireworks.

To dispose of used or unused fireworks, the recommendation is to submerge the fireworks in water and soak them overnight. Afterwards, wrap the soaked fireworks in a plastic bag to keep them from drying out, and put them in a garbage bin.

Large quantities of fireworks should be tossed out over separate garbage collection dates.

After things got a bit wild over Victoria Day, it's anyone's guess whether Canada Day will have a similar outcome. After a year in lockdown, it seems many people are still relearning how to socialize.

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