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There's one city in Ontario that won't be allowed to reopen as part of Step 2

While the rest of Ontario continues to reopen as part of Step 2 of the province's plan on June 30, there's at least one city and region that will have to wait at least a few weeks longer.

A Thursday morning news release by the region of Waterloo has announced that the city and surrounding region will be delaying their move into Step 2 until at least mid-July.

"To give our residents more time to be vaccinated, to avoid having to take a step back, and based on our situation at this time, I anticipate the Region of Waterloo will be able to move into Step 2 in mid-July," said Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Medical Officer of Health via news release.

"This approach gives us the best chance to hold onto the gains we have made."

Currently, 75 per cent of all Waterloo residents aged 18 or older have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 21 per cent also having a second dose.

The region is hoping to maximize the number of vaccinated residents before reopening in an effort to prevent another wave, especially with the Delta variant.

Step 2 of the reopening plan includes a return of barbers and salons, something that has left people very excited with many hairdressers already filling up reservations.

Retail stores and even amusement parks are among the other businesses that will be able to return for most of the province as of June 30.

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