after covid vaccine

This is what life in Toronto will look like after vaccination

People across Toronto are getting vaccinated at increasing rates, meaning the rest of 2021 is shaping up to be much different.

While we can expect restrictions to remain the same for the next month or so, the rest of the year is looking more optimistic, according to a new timeline from public health agency of Canada. 

The government has just released guidelines for what spring, summer, and fall will probably look like.

Based on vaccination rates and when people will have their second dose, we can expect provinces and territories to open up for activities like camping, picnics and patio dining (Toronto included, hopefully). 

Here's what the rest of the year is expected to look like. 


Restrictions will remain in place as more people get vaccinated. Right now, cases are still high and vaccine coverage is low

It's recommended that everyone stay at home, get vaccinated and urge everyone in their community to do the same. 

after covid vaccine

Canada's public health agency has released a blueprint for what life after vaccination will look like for the rest of the year. Photo via


Cases are expected to drop in Canada by summer. Many people will have gotten their first doses of vaccines already, and more people will have received their second. 

Restrictions will only start to lift if 75 per cent of people eligible for vaccines have gotten their first doses, and 20 per cent have gotten their second. 

Small outdoor gatherings with family and friends is expected to be allowed at this time, depending on the health measures of the region. Wearing a mask will still be required and crowds should be avoided.

That being said, it's expected we'll be able to go camping and hiking in popular green spaces like Algonquin. Picnics will also be allowed (expect those social distancing circles at Trinity Bellwoods to be ever busier than now), as will patios, meaning CafeTO should be up and running


At this point, case numbers will be low and the number of people who've received two vaccines will be high. 

COVID-19 will be far from eliminated, the government predicts. But on the condition that 75 per cent of people eligible for vaccines have received both doses, we can expect measures to ease up even more. 

Indoor activities with people outside of your household should be permitted by then. That includes indoor sports and family gatherings.

Students will also be able to attend classes at schools like George Brown, Centennial, and other colleges in person. It's unclear what the policy around universities like U of T or Ryerson will look like. 

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