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Police are asking people to stop jumping off a bridge near Toronto

Police are once again having to ask residents to have some common sense and stay a safe distance away from train tracks in the Toronto area after a number of concerning incidents in which trespassers were narrowly missed by oncoming trains.

Peel Regional Police and transit agency Metrolinx have had particular trouble with one railway bridge that runs over the Credit River in Missisauga, which has become a hot spot for jumping into the water as the weather warms.

The 200-foot-tall overpass has apparently long been a known site for such activities come summer, but Metrolinx, the viaduct's new owner, is now saying there's "a sense of urgency around this issue" due to an increasing number of close calls between residents on the tracks and trains travelling at speeds of more than 100 km/h.

A representative from GO Transit's Safety divison has said that some trains on the route don't publish schedules publicly like GO passenger vehicles, and thus people on the tracks may be taken off guard and find themselves in deadly situations.

Authorities will be teaming up to crack down on trespassing through education campaigns and enforcement — residents are being asked to consider anyone on a rail line as a potentially life-threatening emegency, and to call 911.

If caught in the act, divers and wayward track wanderers could be charged $5,000, though Metrolinx noted Friday in a blog post on the subject that the fine is "nothing in comparison to potentially paying the ultimate price" of losing your life.

Citizens were given the same warning last year when it appeared that railway tracks in the GTA had become the cool new place to film TikTok videos that even included people blatantly laying down in harm's way.

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