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Joe Rogan and Matty Matheson slam Canada's lengthy COVID lockdowns

Well, this is embarrassing.

Joe Rogan, Fear Factor host-turned-de facto news source for dumb white guys who think they're smart, is now calling out Canada over the lengthy, strict lockdowns that have been stunting daily life in many parts of the country, on and off, for more than a year.

"Canada's fucked right?" said Rogan in a recent episode of his popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

"They're so locked-down and I don't understand why they think that's good."

Now, it's important to note that Rogan wasn't just dissing Canada on a whim — he was actually speaking at the time with Canadian chef Matty Matheson, who appeared as a guest on the April 29 episode of his show.

"Canada is juiced," says Matheson during the episode, agreeing with Rogan's assertion that the country is "fucked."

Matheson also states that there's "a lot of overreaction" to COVID here in Canada and gives a snarky shout-out to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, whom he calls "a piece of shit."

Most Canadians would agree that living under a lockdown order sucks, however necessary, but many on Twitter did take up issue with how Rogan described the state of affairs in our home and native land.

"You can't do Canada," said the comedian and MMA enthusiast, who does not appear to have any medical training.

"You can't do Canada where you have Gestapo pulling people over for your papers: ‘Why are you out of the house? There's a cold floating around, why are you out of the house?'"

The popular podcaster also contrasted the situation in Canada with that of the United States, where he highlighted Florida in particular as a success story.

"I was just in Florida, and it's like nothing's happening. Like maybe you'll get sick, maybe you won't," he says. "But we're out here with no masks on, 15,000 people in an area for the UFC fights, it was madness. It was powerful."

So far, 35,548 people have died of COVID-19 in Florida.

Rogan offers up the following health advice for Canadians amid the pandemic: "Take your vitamin D, sleep, drink water, let's go."

"Well, Joe Rogan, our ICU's are at capacity, which means if you came here to do a comedy show and en route got in a horrible car accident, there's a chance you’d be left to die without any efforts," wrote one Canadian in response to the remarks on Twitter. "Kapeesh?"

"I'm seeing people agreeing with Joe Rogan about Canada not needing to be in a lockdown. Main reason is to prevent hospitals from being overcrowded than it already is," wrote another.

"But it's fine, let's just say 'fuck it' and if you get hit by a car don't expect to get treated for it, no space for you."

Some in Canada are showing support for Rogan's stance, however, arguing that he's right and that lockdowns (such as the provincewide lockdown that Ontario will be under until at least May 20) need to end.

"My U.S. friends don't get how horrible it is up here in Canada. I can't even step outside my house for 'nonessential' reasons," wrote one fan on Twitter, including a clip from the controversial podcast episode. "Bravo, Joe Rogan."

"Good to see Joe Rogan calling it how it is on Canada's lockdowns. I was in the U.S., it's so much better. People aren't walking around depressed all the time like here," said another.

"Never thought I'd have to leave Canada to freely live my life."

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