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It's going to feel close to 36 C in Toronto this week

Toronto saw scorching hot temperatures of 34 C and a spring snowfall in a matter of just a few days last week, and things are about to heat up once again.

The good news is snowstorms are finally a thing of the past (for the next few months anyway). 

It's going to feel like 33 C with humidity come Saturday and a sizzling 36 C by Sunday after a much more moderate few days through the week, according to The Weather Network.

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Image via Government of Canada

The week's forecast predicts a cooler 23 to 24 C and plenty of sunshine for most of the week. A bit of rain and cooler 20 C temperatures on Thursday will break up the sun.

But the 28 C on Saturday is forecasted to be a humid one making the city feel much hotter. The steamy weekend will continue into Sunday with Monday coming in hot – it could feel like 37 C.

The meteorologists over at Environment Canada are forecasting similar temperatures through the week and weekend. 

With temperatures reaching these highs, make sure to stay hydrated and load up on the SPF if you plan on being outside to enjoy it.

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