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Someone in Toronto is making Honest Ed-style buttons calling out anti-vaxxers

A Toronto artist is trying to combat COVID-19 misinformation with a new collection of buttons telling folks to please, for the love of God, ignore the conspiracy theories on Youtube and get your vaccine. 

Chris Aslanadis of the Button Machine, the same artist behind the Turunno shirt, just released a trio of buttons called Honest Buttons, made in the style of Honest Ed's iconic signs. 

"I got vaccinated, you're welcome!" says one Honest Button. "You call it social control, I call it social responsibility," says another. 

A third takes a direct hit at conspiracists online with "Youtube 'degrees'." Aslanadis makes the buttons using an old-fashioned manual machine. Buttons are going for $2 each on the Honest Buttons site

Aslanadis, who has been making Toronto-themed merch through the Button Machine for the last 10 years, says the idea for his new buttons came from "a frustration with smug COVID denialists." 

He says he's fortunate not to have had many personal experiences within his own network, but Aslanadis is aware there are people in Toronto spreading misinformation across the city, including "that annoying 'dude bro' with the veneers that's always at the lockdown protests."

Said dude bro has had his Instagram account deleted as of earlier this week after spreading harmful vaccine misinformation on the platform. 

"They'll tell you you're brainwashed, call you sheep, all the while using bad logic and citing poor information about why COVID isn't real or isn't a real threat," says Aslanadis.

"And that's annoying, because most of us aren't having any easy time with this pandemic. We don't like wearing masks or not being able to hug our friends and family. We take our precautions because it's the right thing to do. It's a social responsibility!" 

In his Instagram post, Aslanadis encourages anti-vaxxing theorists to turn their attention to more important conspiracies like the building of the LRT. 

"Honestly, if people think this is some sort of extensive plot by the government, they should take a look at the Eglinton LRT construction." 

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