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Toronto driver made a fake license plate and amassed 28 tickets in 10 days

When road rage hits us, especially in a traffic-filled city like Toronto, we often wonder if some drivers we encounter got their licence from the inside of a cereal box.

It turns out that, on occasion, there is a little bit of truth to our speculations, as one driver created their very own licence plate from scratch.

This arts and craft project was simple — the driver just printed out a license plate photo and slapped it on a metal plate using glue.

It wasn't the driver's first rodeo, either, as Toronto Police have had to seize the person's DIY plates before. 

The latest plate was seized on April 1 by Toronto Police after the driver caused a small collision due to impared driving. 

The driver also somehow ammassed a whopping (and oddly impressive) 28 tickets in the last 10 days. Most of these tickets were document related, including not having ownership, driving while suspended, driving without insurance and not using the proper license plate, Detective Constable Scott Matthews told blogTO.

Some Twitter users expressed their concern over the incident. "Why isn't the car impounded?" one user asked. "This driver has some serious personal issues that he needs to attent to ASAP," another user wrote.

Some people should just stick to the TTC.

Lead photo by

Detective Constable Scott Matthews

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