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Woman arrested outside Drake's Bridle Path mansion in Toronto

Residents of Toronto's wealthiest neighbourhood are clutching their pearls extra-tightly this morning after an altercation outside the opulent mansion of their neighbour, the rapper Drake.

Toronto Police have confirmed that one woman was taken into custody following "an incident" at Drake's Bridle Path mansion on Tuesday evening.

The reason for the woman's arrest has not yet been made public, but police did say that nobody was injured in the fray, and that Drizzy's home was not breached. 

According to the Toronto Sun, seven police cars and at least one EMS vehicle arrived to the property around 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

It is not yet clear if the superstar was home at the time, nor exactly what went down outside his house to prompt such a large police response (aside from the fact that Drake and his neighbours are very, very rich.)

Citing unnamed police sources, The Sun's Joe Warmington reports that "a female intruder" armed with a knife had tried to gain entry to Drake's sprawling estate, which the artist himself refers to as "The Embassy."

The woman is said to have "struck a private security officer with a metal pipe" before she was arrested, according to The Sun, which also reports that "a knife and a metal pipe were among the items removed in evidence bags" from the scene.

Police haven't confirmed these latter details, but did tell CP24 that the woman had been taken to 33 Division following her arrest, and that the investigation is ongoing.

As for why a woman had been trying to access the mogul's insanely awesome 50,000-square-foot mansion, fans have some theories:

"Should have texted her back," joked one.

"Crazy fan stalker?" ventured another. As one fan pointed out, the rapper has certainly attracted "enough women who want to take his heart."

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