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These are the weirdest pet names in Toronto

Cute cat names and cool dog names often can be tough. How cute is too cute? How cool can you get before you just embarrass yourself and your pet?

Plenty of people choose to play it safe and pick common names for their new furry friend. Others choose to be a bit more creative with it.

Data recently published by the City of Toronto on registered pet names shows that some pet owners in Canada's largest city have maybe gotten a bit too creative when naming their pets.

Here are some of the weirdest dog and cat names registered with the city of Toronto.

The Celebrities

It seems that people love naming their pets after celebrities. And it's not just the ones you might think.

Will Arnett, Selena Gomez, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Stan Lee, Stevie Nicks, Betty White, James Franco, Axl Rose, and Liam Neeson can all be found in dog parks and cat trees across Toronto.

The Athletes

Much like celebrities, athletes are well represented among Toronto pets.

Four dogs and a cat share the name Kawhi alongside three dogs named Lowry. There's also Johnny Damon, Mookie Betts and the clever Wendel Bark.

The Food & Drink

Some foods lend themselves to cute names... others not so much. Alcohol especially seemed to be a common theme in this category.

Watermelon, Pina Colada, Chardonnay, Grey Goose, 4Loko and four dogs named Pepsi were among the strangest. (What, no White Claw?)

The Characters

Whether from film, television or video games, popular characters also inspired plenty of pet names from Walter White to Mr Bean and everything in between.

Among the notable characters represented were Sailor Moon, Peter Parker, The Doctor, Han Solo, Bowser, Flubber, Shrek and a number of Pokemon including 11 Eevees, five Mews, and even a Mewtwo. 

Strangest of all west a dog named Django Fett which appears to be a portmanteau of two characters who might have very different opinions about things.

The Wild Cards

Who knows what these pet owners were thinking. Of all the strange pet names, these were the ones that refused to be categorized.

Three cats named Stinky and another named Chunky Butt shows how even a name can be mean. There were plenty of oddball cute names to balance it out however including PJ Puddy Cat, Kitty Man and even Lilasskicker.

Irony seemed to be the name of the game for some people with three cats named Mrs. Cat, Mr. Man and Mrs. Fish. There were 44 cats and four dogs named Kitty alongside nine dogs and two cats named Puppy.

A few restaurants were represented with one person naming their dog Taco Bell, another named theirs Starbucks and one cat called Ruby Tuesday.

There was a dog named City Slicker, two named Demon, a cat named Zoom Zoom and another unfortunately named Meme.

In what can only be assumed to be a clerical error, one dog is named So Cute while another is called Just For Us.

And why on earth would anyone call their cat Mouse Meat 2? Only Mouse Meat 1 knows for sure.

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Bruce Reeve

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