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The four most popular pet names in Toronto are the same for cats and dogs

If you're planning on becoming a new pet owner in Toronto, there's a few names you may want to steer clear of if you're hoping for originality.

Data recently published by the City of Toronto on registered pet names shows that both dogs and cats in Toronto share the same four most common names. 

Charlie, Luna, Bella, and Max are the the top four most common names for both dogs and cats in that exact order.

The lists diverged from there but still held plenty of similarities. Coco  sits 5th on the list of most common dog names but only 12th respectively for cats. For feline friends, the name Lucy is actually tied for fourth with Max while also being the eighth most common for dogs.

With over 500 dogs sharing the name Charlie in Toronto, things could get pretty confusing at the dog park when multiple owners start calling out the same name.

Perhaps the most interesting of all though was that more common than any specific name, nearly 300 licensed cats in Toronto have no registered name. 

Here are the top names (or non-names) for both cats and dogs:

  1. Charlie (561)
  2. Luna (423)
  3. Bella (420)
  4. Max (352)
  5. Coco (311)
  6. Molly (304)
  7. Bailey (294)
  8. Lucy (281)
  9. Daisy (266)
  10. Buddy (265)
  1. Charlie (123)
  2. Luna (121)
  3. Bella (96)
  4. Max (82) and Lucy (82)
  5. Leo (78) and Smokey (78)
  6. Molly (76)
  7. Oliver (74)
  8. Shadow (73)
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