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Toronto could see 4 seasons this week with warm temperatures followed by rain and snow

Weather in Toronto is famously as unpredictable as a Magic 8-Ball on a rollercoaster, and this week is going to show exactly just how chaotic it can be.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures are expected to climb throughout the week, reaching a high of 17 C on Thursday afternoon. After that is when things really get wild with an 80 per cent chance of springtime showers on Friday, followed by a windy Saturday, and a mix of rain and snow Sunday.

While Northern Ontario might expect heavier flurries, the snowfall is expected to be less than 1cm in Toronto so it's safe to keep those winter tires and snowblowers locked up for the time being.

Following a report that this could be Ontario's warmest spring in years, the hope is that this wild week is the final jab from old man winter before the city settles in for patio season.

Of course, wild temperature swings like this are nothing new for Toronto residents who are all too familiar with the concept of "fool's spring" where a week of warm weather is sandwiched between two snowstorms.

With spring equinox and the start of daylight savings behind us, hopefully there's nothing but warm weather and clear skies ahead following this one last chaotic week.

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Hector Vasquez

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