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Amber Alert issued in Ontario and people are begging others not to call 911

An Amber Alert that was issued in Ontario Wednesday morning over the alleged abduction of seven-year-old Olivia Brittain in Bayfield, Ontario has been cancelled as the child has fortunately been found safe.

Police said Wednesday that she was believed to have been abducted early in the morning by 30-year-old Katrina Clark, and the pair was seen travelling in a 2014 black Mercedes SUV.

The alert, which was first issued before 11 a.m., was sent out for a second time in both French and English around 11:08 a.m. — roughly 23 minutes after the initial message.

At 11:24 a.m., the alert was cancelled and it was announced that the child had been located safe.

As is pretty typical when these alerts are sent out, many Ontario residents quickly took to social media following the alert to spread the news in hopes of helping the young girl return home safely. 

Others, knowing all too well how some people tend to react when these alerts are issued, took to Twitter to plead with residents not to call 911 to complain about the alert. 

Though some knew that type of reaction was inevitable.

For all the well-intentioned tweets sharing details of the alert and asking others not to act selfishly when a child is in danger, some people still unfortunately felt entitled enough to complain about the alert's unpleasant sound.

Residents also complained about receiving the alert even though they were a far distance from the location of the abduction. 

And some even said they don't want to receive any of these alerts, ever. 

But while some residents dared to complain about a phone message meant to help a child in danger, the vast majority of residents seemed to have Brittain's best interest in mind and made sure to share the necessary information to help bring her home safe and sound.

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Mira Miller

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