bottles thrown from condo

Toronto police report second case of people throwing things from a condo balcony in 2 days

Just one day after a group of people partying in a short-term rental unit were busted for chucking booze bottles off the 35th-floor balcony, law enforcement responded to yet another call about things being thrown from a downtown highrise.

Toronto Police tweeted about a call in the Financial District for "items being thrown from a building" at the corner of Richmond and Sheppard Streets, near Bay, shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

A car windshield was damaged by what appeared to be water bottles and food falling all the way from the 60th floor as officers investigated, and thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Unfortunately, police were unable to determine exactly which residential unit the perpetrators were in, and so unlike Sunday's incident, no charges were laid.

People are, as with the prior day's crimes, comparing these recent antics to that of Chair Girl, who has seemed to set a new precedent for idiocy for anyone with access to a condo balcony in the city of Toronto.

She not only did not get any jail time for endangering lives, but ended up being featured in music videos and gaining more than 100,000 social media followers and a certain level of unfortunate clout due to her notoriety.

Anyone with further information on Monday night's mischief is being asked to contact the Toronto Police Services 52 Division.

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