red hearts toronto

Someone is hiding little red hearts throughout a Toronto neighbourhood

Teeny tiny red hearts have been popping up around the Pape and Danforth area in Toronto.

Resident Chantal Mougel first started noticing them about two weeks ago: small heart-shaped gems placed inconspicuously in Greektown, on benches, fences, and fire hydrants. 

red hearts toronto

Someone has been placing small red hearts in the Greektown area for the past two weeks.

She's seen about 15 of them so far. Whoever is placing them around the neighbourhood is gluing them down, too, to keep them in place. 

According to Mougel, the gesture, small as it is, has sparked joy. 

"I wanted to thank the person because they brought a smile to my face," said Mougel.

Mougel doesn't know who's behind the decorative campaign, but she's been keeping any eye out for them every day, documenting them through her camera where she can. 

red hearts toronto

Photographer Chantal Mougel has been documentin the small gesture of love. 

While COVID-19 has been a hard time for everyone, there have been countless neighbourly acts for us to appreciate, like free lunches offered to condo cleaners, or a whole neighbourhood banding together to create an ice rink from scratch.

With Valentine's Day coming up, the tiny red hearts are especially apropos, says Mougel.

"When I noticed those little hearts, the first thought I had was to spread the love, with your friends, your family, and your community," she said.

Photos by

Chantal Mougel

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