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Ontario police could fine you if you don't clear the snow off your car

If you're one of the select drivers who tend to half-ass clearing their car off during those bleary-eyed, freezing cold winter mornings in Ontario, be warned that your carelessness could land you with a ticket for upwards of $100.

Now that the snowy, messy weather characteristic of the season has finally reared its head, police forces across the province have been reminding residents to make sure they're completely prepared before any essential outings — which includes fully brushing off your car.

Ontario Provincial Police and Halton Regional Police are among those forces that have recently tweeted about incidents in which motorists on Ontario roads have been pulled over and ticketed to the tune of $110 for not properly removing the snow and ice from their vehicles before leaving home.

Partially covered windows, windshields and/or mirrors pose an obvious visibility impediment and thus safety hazard, as does excess snow blowing off of your car — not to mention the fact that it's a huge annoyance for fellow commuters.

As per the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, no one should take their car out onto any public street or highway "unless the windshield and the windows on either side of the compartment containing the steering wheel are in such a condition as to afford the driver a clear view to the front and side of the motor vehicle."

The rear windshield much also be "in such a condition as to afford the driver a clear view to the rear of the motor vehicle."

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's lived in this part of the world for any length of time that inclement weather, especially snow, definitely necessitates allotting some extra time and caution for any trips you're planning to make outside of the house, especially if you plan to drive.

So before you get fined or worse, get into an accident, take the extra few seconds to carefully brush your vehicle — you and those around you will be thankful that you did.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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