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Ontario's emergency orders have just been extended yet again

As the province gradually reopens after its blanket shutdown, Premier Doug Ford has made the decision to extend emergency orders once more.

The state of emergency itself and the emergency orders under it are two separate things, and have to continually be extended every two weeks and every 30 days, respectively, to remain in effect. 

Though our state of emergency was allowed to expire on Feb. 9 as the government starts transitioning regions from full shutdown to the colour-coded reopening framework, emergency orders — which give the province additional powers to enforce things like gathering limits and business closures — will now continue until at least March 21.

Individuals and businesses will still be able to be charged under the the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act (ROA) and Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMPCA), but the extension of the orders does not impact any reopening plans or timelines.

The stay-at-home order is also still valid in Toronto, Peel, York and North Bay Parry Sound, which are expected to enter zones of the framework on Feb. 22.

The top health officials in Toronto and Peel have requested that they remain in full provincial shutdown for at least another two weeks.

This is despite the fact that entering the Grey-Lockdown zone of the framework — which the two regions will remember being in from Nov. 23 until the provincewide shutdown Boxing Day — still means extremely stringent measures that keep bars, restaurants, gyms, personal care services and other businesses shuttered.

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