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Everyone in Toronto is tired of all the noise

Unless you've been living in a soundproof bubble, you might have noticed that Toronto has gotten a lot louder this past year ... or at least it feels that way. 

In fact, according to a new national poll by Research Co., 27 per cent of Canadians say their city or town has become noisier over the past year.

And since the pandemic started, people are becoming more aware of just how loud this city is. 

Twitter is filled with noise complaints from Toronto residents. 

There's certainly alot of complaints about construction, especially the late night construction noise thanks to the new extended hours.

But people are complaining about everything. Squeaky TTC tracks, loud airplanes, barking dogs, noisy neighbours, you name it – the noise is constant, relentless and feels inescapable. 

Earlier this year Toronto residents were so annoyed with leaf blowers they wanted to ban them

Plus with the ongoing stay-at-home orders people are even more fed up with the sound than they might be if they could leave their four walls.

Personally, I've been plotting various clever ways to get my upstairs neighbours to move out for the last six months. They're university students who have a loose regard for the COVID rules and my hatred for them grows with each loud stomp. 

I feel like the man in the Friends episode who bangs on the ceiling with the broom, except I don't own a broom, so I just glare at my ceilling. 

But Torontonians are not alone in our growing irritation for noises.

That same national survey found that almost 80 per cent of Canadians aged 18-34 said they were bothered by outside noises when they were home this past year, and about two thirds of people over 35 were annoyed by outside noise. 

Unfortunately, despite everyone's grievances when it comes to unwanted noise, there's not much we can do.

I suggest ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones for immediate relief, but if you think someone is violating a noise bylaw, you can call 311 or another bylaw enforcement hotline for advice.

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Vic Gedris

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