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Coldest air of the season and up to 10 cm of snow in store for Toronto

No matter how delayed it may have been, the winter season is officially here in full force, and Toronto is in for even more freezing temperatures and snow as we move closer to the weekend. 

According to a blog post from The Weather Network, the cold weather being felt across Ontario this week is set to tighten its grip by Friday and bring more snow along with it.

"A fortified blast of Arctic air will settle in, bringing temperatures into the minus double digits and wind chills approaching or at the -20-mark," reads the post. 

"Along with the cold will be multiple opportunities for snow, with the first chance on Friday, courtesy of a weak surface trough and potentially lake enhanced accumulations for the west end of Lake Ontario."

As a result of these frigid temperatures, The Weather Network says the risk for for frostbite will also increase somewhat. 

And according to meteorologists, southern Ontario will likely see the chilliest weather of the season so far this weekend thanks to "a reinforcement of cold air," and widespread snow is also expected for Saturday.

With snow likely to continue into Saturday night, the GTA will most likely receive 5-10 cm of snow this weekend. 

Unfortunately, that's not the end of it, as cold air is expected to continue into next week and a more significant storm is also possible for next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meteorologists are predicting near normal or colder than normal temperatures to dominate for the rest of the month, so be sure to bundle up as much as possible when heading out into the frigid city that is Toronto.

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