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Anti-lockdown group is trying to host a party in the middle of a pandemic

Anti-lockdown group The Line is planning to host several live music events in Toronto on Saturday, February 13, despite the ongoing stay-at-home order and strict no gathering limits.

The group posted a news update on their website this past Sunday stating: "On Saturday, February 13, 2021, five local Toronto entertainment venues will be open and recording live music performances."

It went onto read: "The Line Canada has been granted access by the venue owners and performance organizers to live stream their performances for marketing purposes."

The event will also be streamed to The Line's YouTube channel.

On social media, The Line states that the event is part of a new performance and reality TV show and that they are seeking actors and dancers to attend as part of the performance staff.

The locations have yet to be made public and, according to The Line, admission to the event will be by invite only. 

Many people in the comment section on Instagram have already voiced their interest in attending and are asking for invitations to the party. 

The Line, which calls itself a "civil liberties group" has been growing in popularity since April, 2020. They are behind many of the demonstrations opposing lockdowns in Toronto and across Canada. 

Recently they were among those protesting at the Adamson Barbecue in Etobicoke. 

"The live and recorded music performances are hosted and organized directly by the business owners themselves," said a spokesperson from The Line in a statement to blogTO.

"The Line Canada is simply assisting with marketing initiatives for their scheduled performances as well as involved in obtaining the live coverage of the performance."

They also said that recorded performances are considered an essential service and the businesses are working within the guidelines of the Reopen Ontario Act.

But, this is not the case. According to the latest guidelines, all venues are closed for all purposes, including rehearsing or performing for a recorded broadcast event.

Further, in the case of filming for television no studio audiences are allowed and there are to only be 10 performers on set at any given time. 

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