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These are some of Toronto's takes on the viral Bernie Sanders mittens meme

The fashion at Wednesday's U.S. presidential inauguration was arguably nearly as iconic and memorable as the event itself, but one attendee in particular stole the show without even trying: Bernie Sanders. 

While Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris and Jill Biden's jewel-toned looks were bright, cheery and undeniably beautiful, Sanders opted for a different approach, rewearing a pair of hand-knitted mittens and his iconic Burton coat

One particular photo of the senator sitting in his seat looking underdressed and unimpressed has since gone viral, with people all over the world photoshopping Sanders into all kinds of hilarious locations and iconic photos. 

The meme has gone so viral, in fact, that people in Toronto have even started inserting Sanders into scenes around the city, and the results are hysterical. 

One of the first memes showing Sanders in Toronto to make its way around the internet this week was one of the senator sitting atop the CN Tower, just like Drake on the album cover of Views

Shortly after the meme went viral, someone created a website that inserts Bernie at any address available on Google Streetmaps, and it's certainly being put to good use.

Several restaurants in Toronto are now using the meme to promote their businesses, including but not limited to What A Bagel, Square Boy and Found Coffee Toronto.

One resident also shared a photo of Sanders sitting outside the TIFF Bell Lightbox waiting to purchase tickets to the festival. 

Another photo meanwhile shows Sanders sitting next to the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square while holding a Maple Leafs flag. 

Globe and Mail deputy arts editor Barry Hertz even made the meme more relevant to what the city is talking about right now by posting a photo of Sanders sitting in front of Toronto's Dominion Foundry and trying to stop its demolition

Sanders has also been photoshopped in front of the ROM, in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood and of course, in front of the Dufferin Mall

A photo of the senator on the Toronto Islands is also making its rounds, though he appears laughably overdressed in contrast with the sunny summer scene. 

And even Mayor John Tory is now using the meme to try and convince people to wear masks. 

Sanders was likely trying to do the opposite of stand out when he selected his inauguration day outfit and went with the most functional, sustainable option rather than the most fashionable, making it even more hilarious that his look has become the most notable of the entire event.

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