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People shocked and confused that Canadian Tire stores in Toronto are closed

Canadian Tire stores across Toronto have been closed since Boxing Day, and shoppers are having a rough time with not being able to access their go-to hardware store. 

Ontario's latest mandatory shutdown, which lasts until the end of January, has seen hardware stores across the Province close for in-store shopping. 

Brands like Home Depot, Home Hardware, and Canadian Tire are no longer allowing customers to enter their stores. 

That means if you're trying to buy light bulbs, toilet plungers, snow blowers, or any other hardware necessities, you'll have to order from these stores for curbside pick-up or delivery. 

Or, you can just buy them from retailers like Dollarama, Walmart, or Costco, which are allowed to stay open for in-store shopping since they sell groceries. 

The distinction between hardware stores like Canadian Tire and retailers like Walmart appears to be confusing for some. 

But the rules haven't changed since nine months ago, when people in Toronto formed massive lineups outside of Canadian Tire stores after the Ontario government ordered all hardware stores to close in-store shopping during lockdown. 

Unfortunately for gift card holders, you can't spend your credit online, only in-store or at Canadian Tire's GAS+ locations. You'll have to wait until end of lockdown to spend your Canadian Tire money.

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