fuck 2020

A Toronto agency just released the perfect video ode to 2020

A Toronto social impact agency has created a video campaign and it's one big "f--- you" to 2020.

Public Inc. created the #EFF2020 holiday campaign to acknowledge just how bad the past year has been.

The minute and a half clip says "f--- you" to everyone and everything that ruined 2020. Amongst things called out were COVID-19, toilet paper hoarders, murder hornets and of course, New Zealand for being better than us.

Phillip Haid is the founder and CEO of Public and told blogTO that they wanted to reflect on all of the major things that have happened over the past few months, while supporting a good cause.

Instead of giving corporate gifts this year, the company used their holiday gift-giving budget to make a donation of $2,020 to The Mental Health Coalition and the Black Health Alliance. With this video, they want to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

"Given the fact that depression and anxiety are going up because of the pandemic, we felt like supporting mental health made a lot of sense," said Haid.

People on YouTube and Twitter have really resonated with the company's message. The video gained over 45,000 views in 24 hours.

Haid says he is "so heartened" by the response the video has received. 

"I think we really wanted to make a campaign that's cathartic. That helps people acknowledge what we've all gone through, acknowledge a lot of the pain that's happened this year, but with a hint of optimism to show it wasn't all bad," he said.

Those interested in hearing the uncensored version can check out the video here

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Public Inc.

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