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Santa has been warming hearts while working at a construction site in Toronto

Along with cookie eating and present delivery, Santa has added operating cranes to his job description. 

He was spotted in full attire at The Hospital for Sick Children's (SickKids) Patient Support Centre construction site yesterday. 

The Patient Support Centre (PSC) is a new 22 storey educational, training, and administrative tower and first step in SickKids' way to a new hospital.

This is a part of the larger Project Horizon, SickKids' campus redevelopment project. It aims to build a hospital of the future, transform care delivery and empower patients and families.

The new PSC will be replacing the old 8-storey Elizabeth McMaster Building, at the corner of Elm and Elizabeth streets.

Ealier this year, a tower crane was erected that will remain there as a symbol of progress until the Patient Support Centre is complete.

PCL Construction is the company helping build the new support centre, and apparently Santa Claus' new employer. They even tweeted out "Thanks for helping us build a new SickKids, Santa!"

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