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10 things you can get delivered for a date night at home in Toronto

Things you can get delivered for a date night at home in Toronto go beyond your local restaurant options. There are lots of local businesses that have food, drinks and other products they can bring right to your door to spice things up, whether it's with a fun activity, a tasty snack, or just something special for your someone special.

Here are things you can get delivered for a date night at home in Toronto.

Everything you need for cocktails from Project Gigglewater

Project Gigglewater does free same-day delivery on Fridays and Saturdays so you can order up some impromptu cocktails to shake up yourself at home to unwind at the end of another week with your partner. Fun garnishes and ingredients will make you look like a pro.

Flowers and candles from Wildhood

Local shop Wildhood can deliver from their wide selection of flowers and candles as well as incense and bath salts so you have everything you need for a night of spa-like seclusion and pampering at home at your fingertips.

Statement placemats from Hopson Grace

Want to really impress your date? Don't just plop down the usual pizza box on the coffee table. Show you care by putting some love into the details, like setting the table with these placemats designed at an Inuit hamlet from Hopson Grace. Also, they make cleanup easy.

date night ideas toronto

Have a board game night with delivery from Snakes and Lattes. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

A new board game from Snakes and Lattes

Snakes and Lattes will deliver board games straight to your door on demand so you can do something together that's a bit more stimulating than staring at a screen, and have an adventure of sorts without leaving your apartment. You can also order beer, cider, wine, and snacks like poutine, chicken fingers and vegan brownies.

A bottle of wine you can't find at the LCBO from Grape Crush

A huge online wine shop from Grape Crush offers same day delivery on orders placed from Wednesday through Saturday before 10 a.m. Not only do you not have to wait in line at the liquor store, you'll be offering your date a taste of something new.

A vintage place setting from Go Out @ Home

Since you can't go out for a fancy dinner, why not recreate the experience by renting upscale tableware from Go Out @ Home? Nothing is more impressive than walking in on a romantic dinner being cooked for you, the table set with luxurious cutlery, napkins and glassware.

A custom cheese platter for two from Allons Y Delivery

A cheese platter from Allons Y Delivery designed especially for two that comes with selections from local cheese and chocolate shops, olives, crostini and dried cranberries is all plated and ready to instantly serve to the snack lover in your life.

date night delivery toronto

Beer and a dinner for two from Avling Brewery are a date night winner. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

A dinner for two from Avling Brewery

Free same day delivery of rotating dinners for two with optional pairings of six packs of beer from Avling Brewery is the perfect at-home date night solution for local craft brew lovers who need help with the cooking. 

Vegan chocolate for dessert from Mary's Brigadeiro

It's a common misconception that non-vegans have all the fun, especially when it comes to desserts, so indulge in a box of dairy-free sweets from Mary's Brigadeiro for your date night.

Some new toys to play with from Come As You Are

Come As You Are delivers their extensive range of sex toys so you can switch things up in the bedroom practically without even leaving it. With an emphasis on sexual diversity and education, there's something for literally everyone at this shop.

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Hector Vasquez

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